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BAME communities and Equality of care

by Asim Suleman | 4 months ago | in Pain Management

COVID has highlighted the difficulties providing effective Pain care to vulnerable groups. Prejudice and racism in the NHS has been highlighted in recent BMJ issue. Has the NHS provided equality of care to our Pain Patients.  Significant Immigration has been present post-war (60 years) and yet culturally specific PMPs, literature and research is very difficult to access and find. We are letting down a fair proportion of the population.

What is needed to sustain the change?

We need research into conceptualisations of pain in different communities.  There needs to be culturally specific advances in AI. Digital literacy for BAME communities needs to be widened. Structural and system bias (conscious and unconscious) needs to be remedied and quickly.   

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Asim Suleman

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Ben Wilkins 4 months ago

Fully, fully support. There is real heterogeneity in digital services. Remedying it relies on awareness (consciously) of the indivudals and organisations designing, creating and deploying those services.

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Millie Love 4 months ago

Equality of access has to be a priority. There’s a lot of talk of ‘levelling up’ but how to do this effectively needs to be properly understood.

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Daniel Murphy 4 months ago

Completely agree.
Expression of pain symptoms is subjective; cultural experience is highly likely to moderate these responses, though there is little evidence supporting if or how this affects patient care.
Exploring how ethnic background alters the experience of pain management services is important to ensure we offer equality of care.

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David Pilbury 4 months ago

Really valuable and necessary piece of work and well worthy of investing time and effort in.

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M McCarron 4 months ago

Essential work. Research is vital to explore the experiences of pain and elucidate effective, acceptable and accessible solutions.

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Nina White 4 months ago

Totally agree and support . And reflects wider consideration of inequality.

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Sophie Parslow 4 months ago

Fully endorse this work to explore conceptualisations of pain different communities. One of our Key ambitions at Versus Arthritis is to ensure pain and the impact of pain doesn’t limit the lives of people with arthritis. This research is fundamental to this.

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Louise Trewern 4 months ago

Absolutely agree!!

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