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Please outline key changes in patient care in Pain Management that have taken place during the Coronavirus pandemic and should be locked into the NHS during the recovery phase and beyond.

We’re keen to hear about changes that may relate primarily to patients, staff, behaviours and the wider health system.

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Transformation of a Community Pain Management Clinic to an entirely Digital and Telephone service

Inhealth Pain Management provides NHS Clinics across England. Prior to the official government lockdown we recognised the concerns of the people using our service around the safety in attending physical appointments due to the viral outbreak. We promptly instigated changes to support staff to be able to work from home and continue to support patients. We ensured that all staff had hardware and software enabling them to continue their work, utilising technical solutions. Examples of this...

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Online self management training programme for primary care clinicians and matching programme for people with pain

Patients with chronic pain no longer have face to face rehabilitation and pain symptom management. There is therefore a need to increase their access to gaining accurate knowledge in understanding pain and its management by the brain, grow their confidence to live well with pain through acquisition of skills, access to resources that give tools and learning support to boost health, well being and independence. This is needed in multiple settings and with people with diverse needs and...

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BAME communities and Equality of care

COVID has highlighted the difficulties providing effective Pain care to vulnerable groups. Prejudice and racism in the NHS has been highlighted in recent BMJ issue. Has the NHS provided equality of care to our Pain Patients.  Significant Immigration has been present post-war (60 years) and yet culturally specific PMPs, literature and research is very difficult to access and find. We are letting down a fair proportion of the population.

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Improving access to the pain service and embedding technology thro the pathway

At the beginning of the year, the complex Pain service at Royal Berkshire started implementing validated questionnaire based stratification of patients referred to the service. They were all then invited to a group MDT education session that has now been recorded and can go online as a webinar. Virtual telephone and video consults were already being introduced as move to go digital. The pandemic has now accelerated the second part where those patients referred for previously a group PMP are...

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Intensive Online Pain Management Programme

During the COVID response and in place of seeing our patients face to face we developed an intensive online pain management programme (vPMP) facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist and Specialist Pain Physiotherapist and delivered via videoconferencing software. The structure of the vPMP comprises: A Pre-vPMP Meet and Greet (1hr) 12 x 90min Sessions: 3 x week for 4 consecutive weeks Capacity for 8pts Comprehensive Workbook and YouTube Channel (Chelsea Pain Clinic) 3 and 9 month...

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Replicated and delivered ESCAPE-pain programme online and virtually.

ESCAPE-pain is a rehabilitation programme for people with knee, hip and/or back pain. People undertake a 6-week integrated programme of education and exercise. It is usually delivered in face-to-face format, but we also developed an app and online programme that was cited for expansion in the NHS Long Term Plan. During the past 3 months we have made our electronic resources available on our website, worked with clinical departments and the leisure sector to replicate and deliver the...

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Online Pain Management Group Refresher

Short course of twice weekly sessions for 1.5 hours for 3 weeks Designed around the needs of patient led pain support group - requests made by the patient  All have participated in usual pain management course and this is more of a refresher to ensure they stay ‘in control’ when the world around them feels quite overwhelming to comprehend  A two way process of learning and relearning for both clinicians involved and Patients with chronic pain A real worry around well-being after...

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eHealth to deliver pain rehabilitation

Optimise Pain Rehabilitation Unit (OUH NHS FT) developed a digitally delivered eHealth pain rehabilitation programme aligned with a combined physical and psychological programme as outlined in the NICE low back pain guidelines. It was also based on available literature using quality improvement principles. We pre-recorded presentations and saved them as MP4 videos that could be viewed on phones, tablets or lap tops and sent an accompanying hand book, exercise guidance and exercises. Patients...

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Online groups/classes

The MSK team at St George's have moved their popular group based classes/programmes to youtube. These include ESCAPE-back,  Fitness for Function   Our pain management team have also launched their own youtube channel with videos and advice - The next stage is to launch...

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Webinars to support digital consultations

The PPA are proud to present two webinars to support clinicians who need to adopt new ways of working to deliver group and individual consultations. The webinars will provide an opportunity to hear patients’ experiences and for clinicians who have commenced digital consultations to share their practice. 

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