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Stopping unnecessary post-op follow-up appointments

COVID has resulted in a move towards clinical follow-up that's more driven by patient need than surgical habit. Surgeons have been forced firstly to create channels to make it easier for patients to make rapid contact with queries or problems (patient-driven, needs-led follow-up), and secondly to drop the idea of "routine" follow-up appointments "just to check" the patient is OK. 

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Patient dissatisfaction at providers who don't use their electronic record

As patients experience more joined-up flows in some cases (eg from 111 to general practice to community pharmacy), they are becoming more vocal in expressing dissatisfaction with the fact that other NHS providers don't use their electronic record. We have seen some submit written complaints to hospitals and community services about the risks and waste patients observe when those organisations don't use their GP notes. It's encouraging seeing patients and carers being more assertive in...

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