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Good Boost moving from water to land

Good Boost is a social enterprise that has co-designed a rehabilitation exercise app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to select suitable exercises for a wide range of MSK conditions. The app has been designed with land-exercises for users to complete on their own phone in the comfort of home. The exercise programs are recommended following user registration and gathering post-exercise session feedback.  The app has been co-designed with input from members of NASS, NRAS, Arthritis...

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Ben Wilkins

London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Jun 9, 2020

Bio CEO - Good Boost, MSK Clinical Champion - Versus Arthritis. My background in community health, social enterprise, MSK science and technology. Good Boost is a social enterprise supported by SBRI and Innovate UK to create MSK and rehabilitation technology to support self-management.

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Good Boost

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