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Using 2-way SMS communication for blood test reminders

Patients have had the opportunity to engage with a 2-way SMS service in our rheumatology service for over 1 year. The channel has been used Predominantly to send and receive patient-reported outcome measures. During Covid-19 we have been using the 2-way communication channel to co-ordinate blood tests to be performed locally to the patient/in primary care rather than travelling to the hospital for routine bloods. Patients have been able to email results in to the department and the SMS...

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Telecommunication - Patient Choice

During Covid-19 ensuring the accessibility of our service was critical for patients to feel cared for at home. We increased the number of online telephone appointments by recruiting professors, consultants and registrars to engage in online telephone appointments, A role usually held by nurses. It has helped the wider team gain insight and respect the role each other plays within our service. Where possible we used our service website and remote monitoring SMS service to encourage those...

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Remote monitoring

We have run a SMS based remote monitoring service for patients with rheumatoid arthritis for over a year. Patients receive a monthly PROM  via SMS. During the covid-19  pandemic a number of SMS templates were generated to distribute up to date links to guidance on shielding, medication, managing emotional well-being and physical activity during lockdown and appointment deferment via 2-way communication. Patient engagement has been extremely high throughout the introduction of this service....

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Redesigning the Rheumatology telephone service

Access to information and people when patients needed it the most  during the Covid-19 pandemic was a top priority. Many patients use our telephone service to book, rearrange, cancel appointments, seek advice, request prescriptions and information such as letters and results. Prior to covid we were aware that there were many pain points in our telephone system which prevented patients reaching the right person first time. Following a review of the type of calls Received by nurses,...

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Self- reporting risk scoring

Rapid identification of high risk /extremely vulnerable patients who should shield during the covid-19 pandemic was a challenge due to the incomplete data held in secondary care regarding multi-morbidities. We identified that patients could rapidly provide updated health information which could inform a more accurate risk  score based upon the BSR risk stratification tool. We formed a ‘risk’ clinical group and held daily virtual huddles via VC to focus on generating the list for NHSE. We...

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FAQ page on service website

It sounds so obvious, but an FAQ page on our rheumatology service webpage saved us! Prior to Covid, our website was definitely  Under-utilised. The high volume of frequent emails, calls and voicemails were initially themed around risk stratification, shielding, medication initially so we developed these as priority FAQs. As the nature of the calls, emails changed to flares, blood tests, physical inactivity - we updated...

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