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NHS data state of play

Some work undertaken over 2019 was released in March 2020 detailing some of the shortfalls in NHS processes concerning the collection, analysis and reporting of clinical data. It is appreciated that the collection, storage and flow of NHS data is complicated, principally because it has evolved in a piecemeal fashion in response to specific pressures and expectations rather than systems having being designed from scratch....

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Tele-referral for trauma

The referral of trauma cases including compound fractures and burn injury by Emergency Departments often results in the unnecessary transfer of patients for visual assessment. A pilot running with all Manchester Emergency Departments for the last three years has demonstrated the benefits of secure image tele-referral in reducing unnecessary transfers and rationalising the delivery of trauma-based services. Despite the burn injury version of the system being centrally funded for national...

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Stockport Skin Advice and Guidance and Referral platform

A skin referral software platform pilot for advice & guidance started in 2016 and allows all general practitioners across Stockport access through their GP clinical software systems to make referrals with secure images, including dermatoscopic ones into dermatological and surgical services capable of managing the problematic skin lesion or condition. Images are captured securely via a smartphone App which are then automatically integrated with the patient referral record. The pilot has...

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Digital community wound management system

The Wound care Information System for Health (WISH) project for the co-development and evaluation of a digital system (WoundPad) was funded by Innovate UK in 2018. The system provides a complete management solution for wounds, incorporating image capture, video consultation, advice & guidance and referral into a single software platform. It was  making steady progress, with beta testing from December 2019 of the system operationally in the NHS, until the pandemic led community team...

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