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Virtual First Contact Physiotherapy

Previously we had been undertaking all First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) as face to face appointments, and the service was suspended at the beginning of the covid pandemic.  However patients were still presenting to GP practices with MSK conditions, therefore we have started utilising virtual appointments via telephone and attend anywhere to provide the service.  The current situation has helped to promote the self management messages, and uptake of self management resources available.

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Horizon 3

Physiotherapy Staff in MIU

Prior to covid-19 pandemic, patients who had sustained MSK trauma, and visited ED, would be referred to physiotherapy for appropriate walking aid, and follow up rehab.  They would be transported to the physio department, get their walking aid, and then go on an urgent waiting list for physiotherapy to come back within 5 days. From the onset of covid-19, a minor injury unit (MIU) has been established, currently managed by orthopaedic consultants, and with physiotherapy cover 9am-9pm, 7 days...

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