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East Lancashire Therapies Directorate use of video consultation and text messaging software to maintain service delivery

A wide variety of services within the Therapies and Orthotics Directorate have been able to continue to deliver a service to priority pathways due to the provision of video consultation and text messaging software.  The AccuRx system was introduced for all services who use EMIS, and links into the patient's electronic record. It is efficient for staff to use, as well as being intuitive which means that all staff have been able to use the system in one form or other despite differing levels...

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East Lancashire Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapy - CF/Bronchiectasis management during Covid

This cohort of patients are in the shielded category, so are unable to attend for normal face to face consultations with both physiotherapy and the wider MDT, which means we have had to think differently about how we manage these children.  Their long term condition means they are at risk or deterioration without regular and careful monitoring and management. We sent out exercise ideas out to our caseload to give advice about how to keep active and maintain their exercise levels at home...

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East Lancashire Paediatric Physio management within UCC and MIU

Developed patient advice and self-management leaflets pertinent to the Paediatric population and worked with colleagues in ELHT UCC on a new pathway for management and referral into our service. The right information received at UCC has meant that patients have been able to recover without receiving an unnecessary follow up physiotherapy appointment.  This has improved patient care, treating patients at an appropriate time with effective, evidence-based information.  Patients are given...

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East Lancashire Paediatric Physiotherapy triage initiative

All new referrals to the service are screened within 24 hours and placed on one of 4 pathways. First line management is now to provide advice and information rather than waiting for an initial appointment, which means patients can get started on appropriate treatment straight away, and sometimes can even be discharged.  There is also an option of a telephone or video consultation at the point of triage as one of the other pathways. This change has reduced our waiting list, and patients...

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