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AP Physio Led UCC/ED Returns clinic

Covid - 19 has affected all MSK pathways not only in primary care but out of secondary care as well. A group of patients that UCC would normally pass into specialist MSK services has now got to self manage without that monitoring and rehabilitation service in place.   I aimed to help set up a clinic that could manage all significant soft tissue injuries in a single point of contact, allowing for advanced clinical reasoning and expert pathway knowledge to minimise patient anxiety and...

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ACP MSK workforce deployed into East Lancashire Hospitals Urgent Care Centre (UCC)

Discussions with Lead/CD Consultant in EM and Lead Emergency medicine managers to highlight the untapped resource of Advanced practitioners in MSK Physiotherapy who had stopped all face to face work. Green light given to ask MSK service mangers about supporting the urgent care pathways with staffing re-deployment. ACP Physiotherapist in UCC helped to coordinate training programme for the ACP MSK staff, prior to their transition into the new environment. A four week supervision/buddy up...

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Alex Buckley

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