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BAME communities and Equality of care

COVID has highlighted the difficulties providing effective Pain care to vulnerable groups. Prejudice and racism in the NHS has been highlighted in recent BMJ issue. Has the NHS provided equality of care to our Pain Patients.  Significant Immigration has been present post-war (60 years) and yet culturally specific PMPs, literature and research is very difficult to access and find. We are letting down a fair proportion of the population.

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Horizon 1

We have utilised digital technology to communicate with people who have pain. We have adapted quickly and efficiently in primary care.

Face to face consultations have ceased. These can prove challenging with some people who have pain.  However, service users have been largely accepting of video / telephone consultations.  I do feel that once restrictions have been lifted, there will be an expectation to resume 'business as normal.' The challenge is how we balance the expectation of people, which has slowly ballooned over the years, and what works most efficiently and effectively for the NHS.

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