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Patient choice

Ability to swap to virtual or phone should their health mean they can not attend face to face. Call to fit in same as organised appt Dedicated method of contact established Patients less fearful of DNA = discharge More control over their health treatments More compliance with appointments  Trust built between clinician and patient with long term conditions 

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Selfish behaviours

Everyone working towards one goal has seen a more emphasis on treating the person as one. Not just their specific body part. The need to recognise when you haven’t taken into account home situation and impact on MSK conditions  Recognising that you may not have all the answers, that best policy is to actually ask the patient for their views  Discharging for DNA needs to stop,  a phone call should always be attempted  If patients not up for travel on day should be able to swap to a...

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Online Pain Management Group Refresher

Short course of twice weekly sessions for 1.5 hours for 3 weeks Designed around the needs of patient led pain support group - requests made by the patient  All have participated in usual pain management course and this is more of a refresher to ensure they stay ‘in control’ when the world around them feels quite overwhelming to comprehend  A two way process of learning and relearning for both clinicians involved and Patients with chronic pain A real worry around well-being after...

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Patient Led Pain Support Group - collaboration with Camden MSK patient director

As patient director of Camden MSK supported the PPSG to continue contact throughout COVID as their face to face meetings had to stop. What’s app used to share information about local opportunities - fast and can be muted if people choose They informed me of Minded Institute offering twice weekly on line yoga Another 3rd sector organisation offered Tai Chi This was a great way to share information and opportunities to still engage  @GaGa_Radio_uk gave chronic pain patients and...

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Camden MSK Lockdown Group

Twice weekly virtual  ‘check in’ for patients with chronic pain associated with MSK conditions. Open to our patients, their carers, clinicians and public with MSK interest. Very loose and flexible. Many of our patients are shielding / self isolating and felt they needed to connect with others in similar situation. Patient Director and Clinical Director both attended these informal meetings Tuesdays and Fridays having spoken to patients to choose days and times to suit their requirements....

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Cristina Serrao

Londom, United Kingdom

Joined this community on May 12, 2020

Bio Camden MSK patient director based at University College London Hospitals (UCLH NHS FT). Strategic lead for patient engagement, involvement and coproduction for Camden Musculoskeletal services which is a community based MSK service. Also works for NHS England and Improvement in the Experience of Care senior team as their Lived Experience Ambassador Lived experience and coproduction are close to my heart and community connections are key to understanding the local population in Camden. Worked previously for local authority and strong links to 3rd sector

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