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Horizon 4

Review of online patient information for spinal care- 'A Curate's Egg'

With the advent of more digitally based virtual clinics, we reviewed patient information available online to help facilitate sharing of information/links on line . NHS A-Z conditions, Patient info and other national and local sites available on line were reviewed. Some good information and advice is available but nearly all were tainted like the 'curates egg' with poor advice about posture and lifting, ineffective exercises, and scary language about slipped, ruptured discs. Some great...

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Horizon 2

Service Review- Are we adhereing to NICE approved National Back pain pathway recommendations?

Reduced clinical commitments has allowed our team to review our current services and see if we are adhering to NICE approved and Nationally recommended guidance. The Spinal Services GIRFT Programme National Specialty Report first recommendation is for CCGs and trusts to agree local plans to implement and adhere to the National Back & Radicular Pain Pathway. We took time to review our services to see how we matched up. (Pathway, GIRFT report attached)  Locally, although we are...

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Diarmaid Ferguson

newcastle-upon-tyne, United Kingdom

Joined this community on May 12, 2020

Bio I'm an Advanced physiotherapy practitioner and non-medical prescriber. I Chair the National Back Pain pathway Clinical network and am a VersusArthritis MSK Champion. I helped develop the North of England Regional Low Back pain programme. I sit on the UK Spinal societies board and am a non-medical member of the Primary Care Rheumatology musculoskeletal medicine Society board. I have a special interest in using a biopsychosocial approach to help people with persistent pain.

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Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust

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