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Improved abilitiy to impart sef-management strategies

The patient management ethos has altered, and it has had to redefine where the NHS intervenes and how it achieves this. The opportunity for patients and clinicians to think differently around how MSK disorders are managed has led clinicians to  adapt their style to a more shared decision model that is highly influenced by self-management supported strategies of practice - a health model versus disease model is being rapidly adopted.

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Cross service working for rehabilitation staff

The integration of MSK staff across community, frailty pathways plus the discharging of patients from wards. Teams have learnt from each other, developed improved communications across teams and began considering educational cross overs. Clear opportunities to build new models of recruitment to improve retention.

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Horizon 1

Telephone triage

We are have moved to 100% telephone triage and virtual assessments are coming on board. We have started working on clinical stratification on how we mitigate risk in these scenarios. this is vital as part of a safety net and governance framework. We are utilising the clinical skills of GPs who are comfortable with this model to advise clinical practice.

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Neil Langridge

New Forest, United Kingdom

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Bio Neil is a consultant MSK Physiotherapist and visiting Fellow and the University of Winchester. He is currently also seconded to Health Education England supporting the education of First Contact Practitioners and also advanced practice frameworks.

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