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cross-boundary working

We have worked closely with community based colleagues to plan workforce redeployment and training. Great cooperation and help in planning for post COVID look of shared services

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Combined rehab classes

We are exploring the development of combined rehab classes for a range of conditions, including post COVID patients. We are looking at cross-speciality staffing of a personalised, tailored rehab programme that is a stepping stone to community based resources once the patient is ready to move on

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Increased use of telephone consultations

We have built on our previous Physio Direct service, which was used predominantly for first contact and triage purposes. The use of phone consultations for follow- up care has been beneficial in many cases. We need to be able to evaluate this more fully post COVID, but there is potential for us to manage some patients differently going forward based on their presentation and preference

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Video consultations set up

It has enabled us to get "eyes on" those people we are concerned about but also has enabled people to see us. Feedback has been very positive across a range of age groups and conditions- both from staff and patients.    Formal evaluation and outcome tools not yet used to evaluate or compare to previous pathway

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chris mercer

Worthing, United Kingdom

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Bio I am a Consultant MSK Physiotherapist with a special interest in advanced practice roles and serious spinal pathology. I am co-chair of the National Physiotherapy Consultant Network and past Chair of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. I have recently finished a secondment with NHSE developing an implementation guidance document for Advanced practice AHP roles in Primary Care

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Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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