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Communication improvement between inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy services

by Ankit Desai | 5 months ago | in Rehabilitation

As the outpatient team are employed by a Community Division and the inpatient team by the Secondary Care division, it was rare that we would speak or communicate. The Covid situation has forced this, which I believe is for the better. It has enabled us to share skills and ideas on a much greater scale - which is of benefit to both staff and patients. 

I can see huge challenges for all branches of physio when it comes to post viral conditions - and this type of collaborative working would help manage these patients and provide a better patient experience, in my opinion.

 The wards are trying to implement a 'Discharge to Assess' model, whereby as soon as patients are medically fit (or optimised as they are calling it), they should be discharged home, where a MDT will continue the rehabilitation. This again, has promoted communication and collaboration with community and secondary care therapists.  


I am also interested in the buzz of conversation that is being had about the management of minor injuries in A+E - I think an Advanced Physio practitioner service down there might be the way forward... but that's possibly a conversation for another day!

What is needed to sustain the change?  

Continued drive to improve links between community and secondary care physiotherapy departments.

What is your region?


Ankit Desai

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