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Physiotherapy video consultations

by Ankit Desai | 5 months ago | in Rehabilitation

Submitted on behalf of Hannah Mills Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner 

Ordinarily we would run new patient clinics in either morning or afternoon blocks - using a fracture clinic model where we overbook and give a slot time, not a specific time for their appointment. On any day, approx. 90 patients could come through in a 5 hour period. This is no longer possible - for obvious reasons.

Over the period of lockdown we have been providing telephone only consultations - and whilst this has increased access, it's not an ideal way to treat.

We have therefore moved to implementing Attend Anywhere - although not yet in use, I can see huge benefits of this. This will increase accessibility for patients - especially those who work.

This could be expanded to rehab sessions whilst someone is in their own gym or even group education sessions (such as an OA knee class).

I do think we have to be cautious with this - as it should not be considered a substitute for face to face appointments - but simply an adjunct.

What is needed to sustain the change?  

What is your region?


Ankit Desai

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