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Stop writing start talking

by Isabel Ho | 5 months ago | in What to stop

Healthcare have been compliance driven and organisations often have so many procedures, instructions, quasi legal policies, risk assessment etc they overloaded staff and the pandemic really shows how paper based communication disengaged staff and the value of open honest dialogue and sharing of positive and negative emotions in order to connect the team. Teaming is about relationship, accepting failure and support continual learning of everyone inclusively. Stop writing meaningless documents, start meaningful dialogue with the people you work with everyday and start to close the gap between work as imagine and work as done, trust our colleagues so we can maximize our adaptive capacities and build resilience into our services. Paperwork is only good when it is designed well and convey the key messages. Covid proved our operators are capable to operate in crisis when well supported in a psychologically safe environment and engaged through regular frequent dialogues.

Should this be stopped or restarted in a different way? If you think it should be restarted in a different way then how would you change it from before?

Isabel Ho

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