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Good Boost moving from water to land

by Ben Wilkins | 4 months ago | in Rehabilitation
Horizon 3

Good Boost is a social enterprise that has co-designed a rehabilitation exercise app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to select suitable exercises for a wide range of MSK conditions. The app has been designed with land-exercises for users to complete on their own phone in the comfort of home. The exercise programs are recommended following user registration and gathering post-exercise session feedback.  The app has been co-designed with input from members of NASS, NRAS, Arthritis Action and Versus Arthritis through virtual focus groups between March-June. Our existing data from aqua programs demonstrate improvements in pain, function and quality of life from 0-4 weeks, which continue to improve between 0-24 weeks. We are releasing the home-exercise app for public download from July 24th 2020. 

What is needed to sustain the change?  

Visibility for patients and users to be aware of Good Boost and how it can support them at home (and in the water when swimming pools re-open). The app will be free for the first 2-months with a £4 monthly subscription thereafter. Identifying funding to support/subsidise people on lower-income would be needed for long-term accessibility. 

What is your region?


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Ben Wilkins

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Ben Wilkins 4 months ago

For feedback from our aquatic program users, please take a look at this video:

Reply 1

Sophie Parslow 4 months ago

an absolutely fantastic app that would improve physical activity levels, functionality and wellbeing for people living with MSK Conditions. A bespoke exercise programme that people can do in their own homes is relevant now more than ever before.

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Clare Jacklin 4 months ago

This application has been developed and tested with people with RA and is much needed in ensuring that those with RA can keep active with the most appropriate exercise and movement. NRAS are delighted to be asked to partner with Good Boost on this project

Reply 1

Carl Davies 4 months ago

Novel and innovative in the design and practical and impactful in the delivery. I think Good Boost is a valuable tool for supporting people and healthcare systems to achieve good outcomes and improve quality of life.

Reply 0

Ellen Ward 4 months ago

This is an innovative use of artificial intelligence to improve wellbeing for people with MSK conditions - the aqua programme has already gained huge success and had a big impact for patients so this is a great new addition to the Good Boost portfolio.

Reply 0

Ruth Sephton 4 months ago

This looks a great app which we are looking forward to trialling. The use of AI for tailored exercises and the fact that the app is co-designed with patients is fantastic. Automatic collection of outcome measures is also a positive feature of this app.

Reply 3

Rhian Horlock 4 months ago

We look forward to signposting to this fantastic app. Following consultation with our Living Well Services at Versus Arthritis our volunteers and service users can’t wait to get started with downloading the app. True co-design has been at the heart of its development.

Reply 0

David Vaux 4 months ago

Good Boost represents true self management innovation. We look forward to continue to support this project which will enrich the lives of those with arthritis and pain with life changing HealthTech.

Reply 0

Asim Suleman 4 months ago

Looks like a really innovative and fantastic opportunity for people who live with pain and arthritic conditions to self-manage and self-care. It looks user friendly and really clear. Moving forward, please consider usability for people whose first language is not English.

Reply 0

Janet NRAS 4 months ago

Two of our NRAS groups gave feedback on the Good Boost app and were hugely positive about the potential benefits

Reply 1

Greta McLachlan 4 months ago

Status labels added: Choice, Collaboration, Community Care, Health & Wellbeing, Patient Activation, Remote Monitoring, Supported Self-Management, Technology (Software/ Apps), Virtual Consulting, Horizon 3

Reply 0

Greta McLachlan 4 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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George Metsios 4 months ago

Great initiative. Supporting people with MSK conditions to do more physical activity and individualising their program according to their needs, is a much needed approach.

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Shantel Irwin 4 months ago

We all believe in the importance of staying active to improve well-being for those living with MSK conditions. This app will be a valuable resource, especially with the tailored exercises to support self-management. Thank you to Good Boost for co-designing the app with feedback from Arthritis Action members.

Reply 0

Kate Croxton 4 months ago

A truly patient centric innovation, supporting people to improve their physical function and fitness and critically enhance well being harnessing the power of AI. Bringing a tailored and trusted physical activity programme straight to patients in their own homes - this has never been more critical or relevant.

Reply 1

Millie Love 4 months ago

Ben is truly passionate about improving this lives of people with MSK conditions and this app makes exercises tailored to the individual so much more accessible.

Reply 0

Bethan Forgie 4 months ago

Fantastic innovative app that will be invaluable for MSK patients especially in the current climate.

Reply 0

Daniel Murphy 4 months ago

We have used Good Boost hydrotherapy locally with very positive results; the programme enables patients to self-manage symptoms, increases physical activity levels and is effective at reducing symptoms of pain.
I would be hugely supportive of developing the app further to include land-based exercises. Particularly in rural locations, access to swimming pools is limited; we also have a new issue around access to land-based physio.
An evidence-based app allowing remote access to self-directed exercise would be hugely valuable.

Reply 1

M McCarron 4 months ago

Fantastic app to support self management, innovative and invaluable in the current climate

Reply 0

Nina White 4 months ago

A brilliant application to support rehabilitation , improve ease of MSK rehabilitation, and epitomises the move away from clinician dependence

Reply 0

Lynsey Hetherington 4 months ago

A really useful AI innovation, particularly relevant now. An evidence based tool that will benefit MSK rehab and aid MSK services rehab reach to a greater scope of activation levels. This will support those living with MSK conditions and those supporting them

Reply 0

Lucy Willets 4 months ago

This is a fantastic app. An excellent way for people with MSK conditions to receive tailored exercise programmes in their own home. I would highly recommend Good Boost.

Reply 0

David Pilbury 4 months ago

Innovative design and patient focused. The ability to individualise the output for each person is fantastic

Reply 1

Violeta Ivanova 4 months ago

I love the combination of MSK rehabilitation with motivating and community-building elements. It empowers the participants, makes meaningful connections and as a result people get better and continue improving. Amazing work!

Reply 0

Phil Sampson 4 months ago

Huge fan of this idea - absolutely a game changer. Love the idea of something that works in pools! Best of luck

Reply 0

Pete Jenkins 4 months ago

This looks like a great idea to help migrate a successful rehab project from now closed swimming pools to an on land basis. That will then be useful to anyone without access to swimming pools anyway.

Reply 0

John PK 4 months ago

This seems to be an important development that allows users to take their exercises wherever they want. Vital at a time when pools are closed.

Reply 0

R Clifford 4 months ago

A future-focused innovation that is applying AI for patient-centred and individually tailored exercise for those with MSK conditions. The response to the current global crisis by modifying the water-based approach to a land-based one demonstrates the agility of this innovation.

Reply 0

karinab 4 months ago

It is great to see how Good Boost is able to pivot its offer to be able to support people at home, during Covid-19 and subsquent restrictions that might mean for access to physical activity. It is one of the best user interfaces I have seen in a health app as well.

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Change Challenge 3 months ago

Status labels removed: Choice, Collaboration, Community Care, Health & Wellbeing, Patient Activation, Remote Monitoring, Supported Self-Management, Technology (Software/ Apps), Virtual Consulting

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