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Ideal timing for interactive online consent platforms

Horizon 3

Now that patients are more familiar with online consultations / education, and understand that their physical presence in hospital should be minimised, the timing is ideal in order to introduce platforms which can provide tailored audiovisual information regarding any elective procedure, which patients can review in their own time, before electronically signing a consent form. Of course, the patients would have the option of booking a video consultation to have any questions answered by a clinician. The main benefits of such a platform is that: 1) the patient can go through the educational material at their own pace, doing extra research if they want to, and they would have to “tick” an online box to say that they comprehend this information before proceeding to provide consent. That would minimise the risk of consenting having poor understanding, or whilst being bombarded by medical jargon, as it may happen in a busy face-to-face clinic or the morning before surgery. 2) The patient can take their time and consider all available options before opting for surgery – something that, again, they may not be comfortable doing in the above face-to-face circumstances. 3) Consent on the first consultation and consent on the day of surgery is, unfortunately, still a reality, despite not being the best practice. An interactive online consent platform would, obviously, overcome those problems.

What is needed to sustain the change?

- Funding
- Heavy IT input
- Clinicians and patient education
- Managers and clinitians support, especially regarding the consent clinics
- Admin support, to book patients who want to ask further questions in a consent video clinic (ideally the patient could have access to a booking system, in order to skip this need). Also, the electronically consent form may have to be printed and placed in the notes pre-op, although this could also be skipped with electronic records (back to IT support / input)

What is your region?


edited on Jul 13, 2020 by Kyle Beacham
Dimos Evangelidis

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

Status labels added: Patients activation, Virtual consultation, Other, Implementation, Technology (software/ apps), Investment in technology, Education, Pathway Redesign, Patient selection, Horizon 3

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Tom Stocker 5 months ago

The mileage in this kind of platform for shared decision making / personalisation / motivational and educational support is really interesting

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Dimos Evangelidis 5 months ago

Thank you for your comment. This seems as the ideal way to substitute the consent clinics which many of the Consultants have previously been doing, and which were probably the gold standard so far, having multiple advantages over those clinics.

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Kyle Beacham 4 months ago

Status labels removed: Education, Implementation, Investment In Technology, Pathway Redesign, Patient Activation, Patient Selection, Technology (Software/ Apps), Virtual Consulting, Other

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