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Allocation of Mini C arm to Fracture Clinic

by OrthoBarry | 6 months ago | in Urgent and Emergency Care
Horizon 3

During the peak of the Covid19 crisis, we were allocated a Mini C arm, to help us support the urgent treatment centre, which had had been integrated into fracture clinic.

This enabled a specific clinic Ortho SPR in tandem with a qualified Orthopaedic Technician, to perform an MUA in plaster room under haematoma block and gas & air on the day of first attendance to the emergency department 'Same Day Fracture Service'.

The result of this was more effective MUA for patients, using less anaesthetics,  which avoided wrist ORIF operations. They were also treated with full casts, applied by casting experts, that were split for swelling, this meant that the patient did not need to return for what would usually have been a change of temporary backslab cast, reducing return appointments to clinic.

The use of the C arm enabled us to run fracture clinic at the weekends, which had limited Xray support, the extra slots were used to socially distance the patients.

In summary, with minimal training, C Arm equipment in fracture clinic can facilitate effective, conservative fracture management on the same day of presentation, reduce waiting times, reduce operations and assist with social distancing measures.

What is needed to sustain the change?

Procedural changes, Urgent Care Centre to refer all displaced upper limb fractures to  clinic registrar, who will review for suitability for in clinic MUA.

Equipment required: Flouroscan Insight Mini C Arm

Staff: Procedure will require support from an Orthopaedic Technician for it to achieve maximum benefit.


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edited on Jul 13, 2020 by Kyle Beacham

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Kyle Beacham 4 months ago

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