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Physiotherapy Staff in MIU

by Jo Sainty | 6 months ago | in Urgent and Emergency Care
Horizon 3

Prior to covid-19 pandemic, patients who had sustained MSK trauma, and visited ED, would be referred to physiotherapy for appropriate walking aid, and follow up rehab.  They would be transported to the physio department, get their walking aid, and then go on an urgent waiting list for physiotherapy to come back within 5 days.

From the onset of covid-19, a minor injury unit (MIU) has been established, currently managed by orthopaedic consultants, and with physiotherapy cover 9am-9pm, 7 days per week.  Patients are now seen face to face within MIU, assessed and started on their rehab pathway.  Follow up appointments are predominantly undertaken virtually, using video calling or telephone, with resources sent electronically.

We have case studies of patients receiving accurate diagnosis following physiotherapy intervention, resulting in change to patient journey and outcomes.  Professional relationships have been developed, and steps in the patient pathway have been reduced.

Prompted change for how we address specialist pathways, and where physiotherapists can deliver other services differently (eg within fracture clinc/specialist orthopaedic clinics) 

What is needed to sustain the change?

Continuation of MIU within the organisation

Investment in service financially to provide a 7 day service, and review of scope of physiotherapy role within MIU, Advanced practitioners vs Specialist physiotherapy.

What is your region?

North East

edited on Jul 13, 2020 by Kyle Beacham
Jo Sainty

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Kyle Beacham 4 months ago

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