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East Lancashire Paediatric Physio management within UCC and MIU

Horizon 3

Developed patient advice and self-management leaflets pertinent to the Paediatric population and worked with colleagues in ELHT UCC on a new pathway for management and referral into our service.

The right information received at UCC has meant that patients have been able to recover without receiving an unnecessary follow up physiotherapy appointment.  This has improved patient care, treating patients at an appropriate time with effective, evidence-based information. 

Patients are given the option to self-refer into our service if they have ongoing needs, which means we provide appointments to those who really need them - therefore reducing our DNA rate at follow up clinics and  the volume of patients on the waiting list.

We are auditing the number of referrals we receive from UCC as part of this initiative to assess the impact of the change and will have data in a couple of months to evaluate.

What is needed to sustain the change?

We need ongoing MDT collaboration to evaluate and improve the pathway, ensuring the pathway is followed, but also the proposed benefits are continued.

We need to review patient feedback to continue to develop this service.

What is your region?

North West

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Helen Harrison

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Greta McLachlan 6 months ago

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Kyle Beacham 4 months ago

Status labels removed: Collaboration Of T&O and MIU, Effective Team Working, Implementation, Integration Of Resources, Pathway Redesign, Triage

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