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Microsoft Teams shared trauma meeting between Regional Hub and AQP

by Elaine Robinson | 6 months ago | in Spinal Conditions

We are joining the daily trauma meeting at our spinal regional centre via Teams In order to take urgent cases that need spinal surgery to operate in our “clean” hospital. This reduces need for unnecessary patient transfer as patients seen in regional hospitals are virtually referred to the regional hub along with imaging for discussion in the trauma meeting. They can then be transferred to New Hall Hospital directly without going to the regional centre.  It frees up capacity in the regional centre for more complex cases and trauma and allows fast access to surgery for urgent cases.

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Elaine Robinson

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Diarmaid Ferguson 6 months ago

Hi Elaine ,
This is a great initative using resourses across the health system .
was it difficult to set up , any top tips you could share ?

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Elaine Robinson 6 months ago

We liaised with the regional hospital who we already have strong links with via our spinal regional meetings. They were able to invite us to Teams so it was set up easily.
We used national covid guidelines to inform the new pathway and publicised this to local primary care triage services.

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ANNA WHITE 6 months ago

Elaine, that sounds like a great supportive system. It must help with ensuring learning and best practice is cascaded.

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Elaine Robinson 6 months ago

There has been great collaboration across the teams. Between us at the Ramsay AQP, the specialist and local nhs hospitals and the primary care triage services. Long may that continue! The Wessex regional meetings have laid a good foundation for collaborative working prior to covid.

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