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Jönköping, Sweden: a "living library" of patients supports other patients to make the transition to virtual consultation

by Helen Bevan | 6 months ago | in Partnerships

Very often, health & care providers support clinicians to work virtually but we don't offer the same support and training to patients. In Jönköping Sweden, the “living library”, a group of patient leaders, is supporting thousands of service users to make the switch to virtual consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic. The ‘living library’ concept lends people rather than books. The ‘books’ are the people who have similar lived experiences, and they are ‘borrowed’ to ‘readers’.

How have you as individuals and/or communities played a different role in healthcare?

The contact is Patrik Blomqvist, Patient supporter, Qulturum, Jönköping,Sweden

How has the experience of healthcare changed as result?

The Living Library makes a massive difference to how Jönköping goes about improving health and care. It means that co-production with service users, families and members of the community is the way that all redesign work is carried out. Jönköping has been investing in this people-centred approach for a long time and it stands out in the health and care outcomes that people in the region get, compared to other places

Helen Bevan

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Cristina Serrao 6 months ago

Hi do you have a link please?

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